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Population Matters Briefings

Set of 10 briefings

  • £1

A set of 10 key Population Matters briefings (titles listed below), printed in black and white, at a cost of £1 for the whole set containing one paper copy of each briefing. If you would like larger quantities of an individual briefing posted to you, please contact us. You can also view and download any of these same briefings in PDF format for free, by clicking the links in this list:

Climate change and population
Desertification and migration
A population-based climate strategy
The sustainability of human populations: How many people can live on Earth?
What population policy should we have?
Why the UK needs a population policy
Is there a “right” to have children?
The green gains from smaller families
Population, environment, migration
Ethical implications of population growth

Don't forget, you can also download these briefings and many more for free from the Briefings section of the Population Matters website. All of these population briefings are also included in the contents of our comprehensive Data Disk, available to order here.

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