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Eco-friendly 'Hope' bag - SALE

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Find out the story of the women who make our eco-friendly 'Hope' bagsThis eco-friendly, 100% organic 'Hope' bag is more than just a stitched piece of fabric. For hundreds of women who were trapped in India's sex trade, it brings freedom from a life that robbed them of dignity and hope. 'Freeset' is a sustainable fairtrade business which gives women the opportunity to choose a new job and regain control of their lives in a caring community. The Freeset Trust is a charitable organization which operates alongside the business providing literacy classes, child care, budgeting and debt management services. Today more than 190 women are on their journey to freedom at Freeset. To their friends and neighbours among the thousands still trapped in prostitution, they are a symbol of hope. Why not find out more about where our Hope bags come from, and view a clip from a documentary about the work of Freeset.

Please note: Our eco-friendly 'Hope' bags are handmade using a variety of recycled fabric offcuts for the handles and decoration. Each bag measures 30cm high and 35cm wide, and is made from either hessian material (darker and more rustic-looking) or 'parchment' material (paler and more delicate-looking). Each bag also has its own unique colour-theme incorporating several different fabric-colours in the handle, with a colour-coordinating fabric stripe on the side.


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