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"25 or under" postcard

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If you're a young person engaged with raising awareness of the sustainable population issues you care about, this neat postcard-sized 7x5" card is ideal for giving to friends, or even just keeping handy in your bag for reference.

The front of the card says: "Are you 25 or under? You are part of GENERATION TEN BILLION. Turn over to find out more...."

The back says: "In 2060, when you are 70 or younger, the population is projected to reach ten billion. If you are interested in what this means for you and the world, connect with Population Matters on social media, and join us to help us raise awareness of the massive challenge to sustainability presented by further population growth. If you are under 19, membership is FREE. If you are 19-25 it is half-price."

The rest of the card gives a description of Population Matters plus a list of our patrons, and provides all our contact details.

Everything you need to help raise awareness, all on one dinky little card!

This "25 or under" card is FREE, and the delivery charge for this item is only £1 within the UK.

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